Day 6 – Masada, Dead Sea and Desert

Started the day with an early breakfast at the kibbutz. Boarded the bus for a 2 hour drive through the desert (with several pee breaks) on the way to Masada. Hiked the Roman Road up to the top plateau where it was a breezy 97° in the shade. Our tour guide Yoav walked us through the ruins and told the epic story of King Herod’s rise and the Jewish rebellion hold outs at Masada. To make a long story short, the Masada citadel is one of the most tragic and inspiring stories in the Jewish tradition.

Took the cable car down to the bus with views of the Snake trail climbing back up to Masada. Short ride south to the Hotel Hod for a great lunch, then time to soak in the Dead Sea along with some mud facials and burning eyes for those of us that didn’t listen to the rules from Caitlin. Quick shower in the converted bomb shelter and a cold beer from the snack bar before a well needed nap on the bus.

We woke to a view of the hills of the West Bank. We arrived at the Genesis Land at Eretz Beershit with a pack of camels ready to take us for a ride back in time 3000 years. After making some new dromedary friends, we were treated to to a Bedouin dinner from Abraham himself! Unfortunately Sarah was away and couldn’t join us.  

After dinner and picking up our camel rider licenses we made our way to the holiest city in the world, Jerusalem. We were treated to a gorgeous sunset view of the city from Mt. Scopus and a beautiful shechehiyanu prayer and toast. After arriving at the hotel, a few intrepid souls ventured out to see the light show happening on and in the walls of the old city. Welcome to Jerusalem!!

Megan Magnapera and Eric Kassoway & Cary Markowitz and Brian Turcich


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